Fully educated on the specifications and dimensions of most fitness equipment, the Advanced Pro Fitness staff will offer facility design suggestions including schematics and positioning for your fitness equipment products.

For optimal traffic flow, safety and convenience within your facility, we offer key suggestions and layout design, which, after arranged, may re-ignite an interest in an area rarely used.

Fitness Center Audit

Development of a recreation facility risk management plan starts with a room-by-room inspection, where you try to anticipate the worst that could possibly happen. If you’re at all concerned about the potential liability the center could face if someone is injured while using your facility, however, it is up to you to see things in a more negative light. Viewing your facility critically is the first step in the development of a risk management plan. Let the experts at Advanced Pro Fitness help you identify potential risks.

Expert Consultation

Choosing the right mix of equipment for your program ensures maximum utilization and member satisfaction. This begins with selecting the right quantity and variety of equipment for your facility. By applying our first hand knowledge of industry trends, brand quality and service history we can assist you in making informed decisions about all types of equipment.

Fitness Center Design

Whether you are renovating an existing space or building a new fitness center, Advanced Pro Fitness will help you create a well-planned, dynamic facility that optimizes safety, function and participation.

Equipment Evaluation

Regardless of whether your commercial fitness equipment is in a public health club setting or a hotel gym, you need to keep your customers happy. Since fitness equipment endures substantial use, you will eventually need to replace or refurbish it. Advanced Pro Fitness can evaluate your current equipment to determine if it will be more cost effective to keep it or upgrade it.

Trust the Professionals

With many years of experience in the fitness industry, Advanced Pro Fitness not only repairs and installs fitness equipment but has helped many facilities grow their membership by keeping them ahead of the competition. Our highly trained technicians stay well informed on health and fitness trends and are available to help lead the way to a successful future in the fitness industry.

Would you like to speak with a Certified Technician? Mike Jellison and his team are always available to answer your questions and discuss your fitness needs and goals.